Taking a break from talking about Europe for a moment; and yes, I’m aware I have yet to update on Part 2 of me getting married (Part 1 here). I’ll get to that sometime before 2016 I hope yeah right. Heh. #procrastination.

I’ve stopped my career as a professional ‘Tai Tai‘ (see: lady of leisure), and I’ve been freelancing as an assistant director since. Tai Tai life was… alright for the most part. Waking up late, going to shopping malls, getting my nails done bla bla bla rinse and repeat… I got bored within 2 weeks. Back to work I go.

I’ve come to realise I need a schedule for my blog and my life or nothing will ever be done, and I’ll probably reach the Croatia part of my trip in 2020. And by then, I’ll have a mountain of backlog post to do. Stay tuned for an official blogging schedule (wah wah).

Yes, this is my life. Full time sorta blogger, part time assistant director, part time producer and occasional writer of stories. Call me, guys. I’m professional. :)

Anyway, I digress.

A few months back, I went to a wedding expo for fucks with 2 of my friends, Casey and Dorothy. We were bombarded with photography houses pushing their pre-wedding photoshoots. Specialising in cringe worthy photoshoots that made my skin crawl. Hell no. I mean, if its your thing, good for you. Do you. Personally, I was grossed out by most of it. I’m allergic to over the top PDA. But I was then inspired to do one too. But less cheesy. Definitely less sparkles. And with mine and the husband’s closest friends. So I grabbed our friends, grabbed my cousin, Raisa, and set date for a photoshoot!

Here’s some of the awesome photos :)

L-R: Dorothy, Me (obvs), Balqis, Casey, Mel

L-R: Farid, Arif, Husband, Megat, Ridzman

It was tough keeping a straight face for longer than a mili second. So, most of the photos came out with us goofing around. We were just being ourselves. haha.
DSC_0323 DSC_0330 See, I can be a lady. The dress was stressful to find. I searched high and low for a perfect white dress that’s not a fucking gown, and won’t break the bank. I was already spending a pretty penny for the formal reception, I didn’t feel like spending even more for another dress I would probably wear once. I felt like I searched the entire city for a dress, but to no avail. Thank God for Asos. I took a gamble with Asos; the dress on the site looked perfect, and just the type I was looking for. It was a risk. Too many things could’ve gone wrong. But it didn’t. And it came on time. And it was perfect. Perfect with my Giorgio Armani shoes (I would spend a lot of money on the perfect pair of shoes, but not a dress). Husband looking sharp if I do say so myself, in his DKNY suit and Ted Baker shoes.  It was an easy going shoot and we had fun being lame ass models for a day. Special thanks to Raisa for taking our photos. :)


x larxy