2 weekends ago, my friends and I gathered for my hen night – the ‘last wild night’, the last hoorah, the bachelorette party, and whatever else you can call it. I had no clue what I was in for. None. I thought it’ll be a dinner thing, and chilling in our hotel. Well, I was wrong. Instead, I went… on a quest!

My sneaky group of friends organised a very detailed bachelorette bash for me; a Legend of Zelda themed Bachelorette party! Complete with health bars. I know Link tends to go solo, but this Link has a party of 5. I’m going to proceed to give them Final Fantasy Tactics jobs instead. Photos were taken by my cousin, Raisa who joined momentarily with her bff Pearl to see us off on our quest. So, my party:

Starting off with my maid of honor, and my knight of the night; Balqis. Also, the mastermind behind this. I would call her my Navi but nobody likes Navi so she’s my knight instead.DSC_7822This is Joe, my blind archer. His vision may be blurry, but he never misses almost.DSC_7816Mel, my white mage. She gifted me with the veil that raises my MP and the sash of awesome that raises my HP, that kept me protected during the adventure.DSC_7818Dorothy, my black mage, the one that summons waves and boulders to crush our enemies.DSC_7819And finally, Tan, my arithmetician, the one who calculates our risk (whether or not the dungeon is worth the trouble or to skip) and slows down our foes.DSC_7807

Armed with a map, we travelled across the dangerous land of KL. But before that, I had to piece together the map by completing a puzzle:DSC_7838DSC_7843DSC_7846DSC_7848DSC_7856I don’t have photos of our adventure (boss fights are dangerous, only a mad man would take the time to selfie), but I do have photos of the town in which we geared up, ate up, and set off! Said town is The Counter, Pavilion (psst; check it out, its awesome shameless plug).DSC_7871DSC_7880DSC_7877Needless to say, prevailed we did! Definitely the best party to go questing with. Some of the things we had on us. Clockwise: Bow and Arrow, Hylian sword, the lifebars, the compass, the Triforce, and the bomb!IMG_9701It was an epic night, full of epic boss battles, camaraderie, plenty of singing and cheering. And now, off to the next quest to win my princess prince’s heart.DSC_7874x larxy