The Wedding Photoshoot

Dec 16th, 2015 Personal, Photos

Taking a break from talking about Europe for a moment; and yes, I’m aware I have yet to update on Part 2 of me getting married (Part 1 here). I’ll get to that sometime before 2016 I hope yeah right. Heh. #procrastination. I’ve stopped my career as a professional ‘Tai Tai‘ (see: lady of leisure), and I’ve been freelancing as an assistant director since. Tai Tai life was……


I Got Married – Part 1: Getting Ready

Jun 26th, 2015 Personal, Photos

If anyone told me 3 years ago that someday, I’ll be getting married, I would tell you to shut your whore mouth. I kid, but I still wouldn’t have believed it. I got married a few weeks ago, on the 13th of June, Saturday at 8:30pm. We planned everything literally within a month from proposal. A lot of people have called us crazy for planning on such…


The Day I Got Engaged

Jun 1st, 2015 Personal, Photos

A month ago, to my surprise, I was proposed to. My then boyfriend, now fiancé (I’ll never get used to calling him this) popped the question, and I (obviously) said yes! And that was the easy part. We went into this not knowing heads or tails about the processes involved when one wants to tie the knot; first there’s the things you need to do…