Adventures In: Neuschwanstein Castle

*cue Disney intro music* Neuschewanstein Castle –¬†one of the castles that inspired Disney to create his Magic Kingdom. Husband said I have to go see the castle for myself, since I’m such a die hard Disney fanatic. It was a sight to behold… after a long walk up a mountain, during SUMMER. We were sweating buckets by the time we got to the top, and…


Adventures In: Eagle’s Nest

Feb 3rd, 2016 Eagle's Nest, Europe, Travel

Ah, Eagle’s Nest aka The¬†Kehlsteinhaus. This was yet another trip we took on a whim during out stay in Munich. We didn’t know Munich would be that boring, so we ended up taking a lot of small trips out of the city. 4 out of the 7 days in Munich was spent outside of the city! If you’ve seen my previous post on Munich, you’d…


Adventures In: Munich

Nov 17th, 2015 Europe, Munich, Travel

I’m going to be very frank now; I don’t like Munich. Berliners have warned me that Munich isn’t going to be fun, especially if you love Berlin in all its rough and artsy glory. Well, guess that’s true. Besides the¬†Rathaus-Glockenspiel (below),¬†there’s really not much else to do in Munich. Unless you love shopping. Shopping was pretty awesome. Huge H&Ms, Urban Outfitters, Douglas, Apple Stores, Zaras,…