Before I begin this rather long rant, I would like to remind everyone that this isn’t a review. I don’t think I’m capable of doing one without saying everything is perfect. Its not, but I don’t care. Its perfect to me. So, no. This isn’t a review – its more like a love letter. Anyway –


My very first movie rant¬†on my blog, and its the movie I’m most excited for this year! Or to be accurate;¬†THIS DECADE. I, like many fans, have waited a very long time for this moment, and let me tell you a TLDR version of this post. Despite there being no peep, no hair, and no mention of Sam Neil or Jeff Goldblum: ITS FANTASTIC.

I think if you’ve known me for a while now, you’d know how much I love dinosaurs. Heck, I think if you’ve ever had coffee with me, you’d know I’m absolutely bananas about dinosaurs. And like everyone else, its largely because of the original 1993 Jurassic Park.


Till this day, my mom tells embarrassing stories of me to¬†everyone about how I was so enamoured by what I saw on the big screen back in 1993.¬†And how I made her buy me all the toys and I would take them everywhere and make my parents listen to the soundtrack all the freaking time. And how I used to believe every bald tree I see = dinosaur ate the leaves. I even have the original movie’s artbook with the storyboards. Hell, Jurassic Park¬†single handedly changed my life. It made me decide, at a very young age, that yes, I’m going to be in production! Which I am! Albeit in advertising, but hey, baby steps. I fell in love with production the minute I saw its¬†‘making of’. It was mind blowing, and awe inspiring. Just wow. I feel its¬†also the reason why I have reptiles at home. I think Quinto looks like ‘The Big One’ except, you know, he’s male while ‘The Big One’ is female.


But I digress. If you counted from 2001’s Jurassic Park 3, the worst of the films (HEY ALAN), it’s been 14 years. If you counted from 1997’s The Lost World, which was ok up till the point where the girl gymnast the hell out of a raptor, it’s been 18 years. And with the original Jurassic Park, its been 22 freaking years.¬†So yes, as a fan, I’ve waited a long time for this.¬†Jurassic Park IV was rumoured for a awhile¬†now. I followed every piece of news for the last 14 years; from the initial announcements, to the many law suits, to directors changing hands, to actors dropping out, to changes of scripts, to the movie being put on hold because of Michael Crichton’ s sad passing, and to it being, what looks like at the time, a never ending spiral of production hell.


When the first trailer was released, I literally jumped and talked about it to everyone I know. I was so excited! I even purposely bought tickets on the 11th of June; the original movie came out on the 11th of June 1993. Yes, I R NERD. And the wait was well worth it. Some might say I’m going in biased, but hey, the last few sequels was bad. So, I was emotionally ready for it to be as bad if not worst. But it wasn’t. It was awesome!

It had everything I could ever asked for and more. Without spoiling it for anyone; it has plenty (and I do mean PLENTY) of nods to the original, while exploring things that was mentioned only in the books (ie; dino training, weapons, shady business etc etc). None of the old cast are back except for Dr Wu who has a bigger role (if I’m not mistaken, died in the book, but left the island in the original movie thus surviving), a brief mentioned of the late¬†Hammond and *SLIGHT SPOILER* the original T-Rex that saved the original cast from The Big One and her pack of raptors.

So, its pretty much a brand new cast with a few new dinosaurs and plenty of familiar ones. The new characters, particularly Owen, I kinda love. Look, Owen probably has my dream job. To be an alpha in a pack of raptors. Man, who doesn’t want that? As with all the previous Jurassic Park films, there’s the token douchebag played by Daredevil’s Vincent D’Onofrio, who’s super douchy that not even the raptors can stand him. And since this sequel stars the new killing machine, the Indominus Rex,¬†there are also plenty of satisfying deaths (my favourite is all of the mosasaur’s kills).


Is there anything I didn’t like? Well, yes, of course.¬†There were some scenes and plotlines that I felt we could’ve done without. Some plots are obvious set ups for sequels, and thus, felt forced and rushed – you blink you miss plots. But those are really, really tiny stuff that doesn’t take away from the overall experience.

Fact is, if you’re anything like me and love Jurassic Park, you will love Jurassic World. I don’t see how you could not. I think its impossible. Is it as good as the original? Hell no. But it comes close. And this is the sequel that Jurassic Park deserves.

So, from the bottom of my black heart, thank you to the entire team who worked on Jurassic World, from the suits, to the production team, to the cast, post team, EVERYONE. You’ve made this ‘clever girl’ very happy.

I end this love letter with this beautiful, beautiful music by the amazing Piano Guys;

x larxy