I’ve always wanted to write my version of a ‘favourites’ post. Its one of those videos I love watching on YouTube when I’m lazing around in bed on a Sunday afternoon. Usually people do beauty and skincare products, but I thought I put my spin on it. Look out for these every month :)

These are things I’m currently obsessed over this month!

1) The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel for the PSVita

My poor Vita has been getting no love from me for months, literally collecting dust in my box of handhelds. This game saved it from collecting even more dust. You play as Rean, a teenage boy in a fantasy world, attending military school – because that’s strangely a norm in this world.  This is a pretty standard JRPG, so pretty much every JRPG trope you can think off will pop up. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Characters are fun, and colourful, with there being 9 main playable characters you can make your main party with. Gameplay is your standard turn based JRPG too, so picking up the game mechanics won’t be too hard if you’ve played any RPGs before. If you love the Shin Megami Tensei – Persona series, then you’ll love this game because it has the same system where you have to take exams, interact with other students through clubs, and build up social links so you’ll be stronger in battle. The links reminds me a lot of how Tales of Xillia’s links too. So, in short: if you love JRPGs, Persona, and a splash of Xillia, get this game! I’ve been loving it, and now I don’t leave my house without my Vita. Sad month for my 3DS tho.

PS: My Vita is also kept in a very pretty H&M pouch. :)

2) The Face Shop Mini Pet Baby Hand Lotion

I just got back from a trip to Singapore, and while duty free shopping in the airport, I came across this cute fucker. Fuck, it was too cute to pass on. And the best part? It smells like babies. AMAZING. Now my hands smells like babies.

3) Etude House Silk Scarf Argan Oil Hair Pack + Serum

I have horrible, huge, fluffy, dry hair, and I’ve tried a lot of things to make it, if not less fluffy, just less dry. And a lot of things don’t seem to work well with my hair. Until I randomly bought this at an Etude House. This thing is magic. My hair, while still very fluffy, have never felt so smooth. I’m obsessed with this shit.

4) Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

I don’t like perfumes. I hate them. They give me horrible headaches, so I normally stick to Body Shop or Bath & Body Works mists. That is, until this fell on my lap. This smells amazing and best of all, its not headache inducing. Whoo~!

5) Dolly Wink Volume Mascara

Best. Mascara. Ever. Too Face Better Than Sex Mascara have got nothing on you. Also, their liquid eyeliners are amazing. Get on the Dolly Wink train!

6) MAC Diva Glam III

I’m into matte and dark lips right now, and this has been over used this month. I think this might be gone come March. And no, I’m not going through a goth look – as some of my family members have been asking.

7) The Face Shop CC Cushion

I’ll admit, I haven’t tried many cushion type foundations, and this was my first, and its a CC type. And I honestly love it. I haven’t touched my other foundations this whole month. This is pretty much enough for me everyday. I even wore this during a shoot day once!

8) Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

I’m a Rainbow Rowell fan. I feel like she gets me. I’ve read nearly all her books (not all, cause I have to save money to buy them. Why are books so expensive!), and this is one of my favourites. It feels like a quirkier Harry Potter book. In fact, I think if you love Harry Potter – get this book! It has a chosen one, vampires, evil bad guys out to kill chosen ones, romance, awesome characters – everything you would want in an awesome book. Read it! I’m currently re-reading it.

9) Vogue Paris Collections Spring Summer 2016

I love fashion nearly as much as I love video games. And as I’m re-learning to draw again (a skill that’s very much rusty), I’ve been reaching for this to look for inspiration. Of course, a surprise to no one who knows me well enough, Louis Vuitton current season is my absolute favourite. I have a weakness for chunky, black sandals, and I feel like I need those Louis Vuitton sandals because FUCK YES.

10) Paperluxe Journal

A new year calls for a new journal. This is my current, and it already feels much nicer than any of my old Moleskins. I can’t wait to overuse the shit out of it.

x larxy