After approximately 15 hours spent on a plane(s), I’m finally here in Berlin! And wow, is it hot. Weather is kinda like home, except its not humid, and its not hazy. The sky is bright and blue which is not what my body needs right now. I’m crazy jet lagged, and I want to sleep, and for me to sleep, I would like the sun to set plz but I don’t think it’s going to set in another like 4 hours (its 5pm now). :(¬†So, because of my tired body, and my confused brain, please excuse me if I sound crazy right now.

Anyway. This is my very first time in Berlin. Actually, its my first time in Germany! Its also my first time traveling solo since I was 12 years old, AND its also my first time trying out AirBNB. OH AND also my first time trying out a short course. So, YES. These next 2 months is going to be full of firsts.

First impression of Berlin; Tegel Airport is nothing like the airports I feel I’m used to back in SEA. By that I mean, we¬†have stuff to see and do while you’re waiting, and usually plenty of restaurants. Nope, Tegel is small and most of the restaurants sell the same stuff; coffee and sandwiches. Bagel is pretty good tho. My first meal in Berlin;


I carried a big ass luggage with me, and though my AirBNB landlords said I can take the bus, there was no way I would be able to go on the bus without rolling people over. I nearly rolled over a tiny dog in Tegel because I couldn’t see over my huge luggage. Also, I hate tiny dogs. But I digress. I took the cab to get to my home away from home.

A few things I noticed on my cab ride: traffic jams in Berlin can be as bad as Federal Highway on any time of the day. Ikea! And people here also do not signal. Heh.

My area is called Neuk√∂lln. The reason I picked this place is mainly because its supposed to be like a 20 mins bus ride to my short course school. So, if there was a need to stay back at the school, the distance home isn’t so bad. Passing the area I noticed that; there’s for some reason, a few Vietnamese named coffee shop (one of them was From Hanoi, With Love), theres a Woolworths nearby – not sure if related to the UK, and that the area is very multiracial – I noticed Germans, and a few ladies in scarfs/hijabs – I think they might be Turkish, I did noticed a few kebab shops – and oh, also, lots of people that look like¬†they’re from the cast of Portlandia. Which is pretty cool. Hipsters.


My place is a rooftop apartment with a small lift (THANK GOD). There’s a girl in my building that looks like a young Gwyneth Paltrow, who I passed on the way up. The guy that checked me in (who I assume does this for a living with his partner, cause he had a scheduler with a bunch of other apartments too) was pretty nice. I was too tired to listen properly when he mention things like the transportation and stuff. The apartment looked like the photos on AirBNB. So, that was a relief. I must admit, I was pretty nervous going on AirBNB and then finding out maybe I’m staying at like a red light district or something. But phew. Neighbourhood, from what I can tell, is mostly families and hipsters. I love the view outside the windows. It is also a lot bigger than I thought too. Only complaint is that its a fully carpeted floor apartment, much I was used to back in London and what I used to dislike a lot (carpeted floors are hard to maintain, and leaves stains and signs of age). And oh, the washing machine is in German. So, guess I won’t be doing the washing till the husband arrives and figure it out for me. I could ask my aunt, but I’m lazy.¬†I did an inventory check, and there’s some stuff I should get for the place (like bread, and tissue boxes etc etc), but I’m too sleepy to go out. Thank God for instant noodles and 3 in 1 milo.


I must admit, today has been over-whelming. I’ve been saving for this trip for 2 years, and the fact that its finally here, the fact that I’m here in my apartment in Berlin, feels surreal. I’m so scared, nervous, excited and happy at the same time.

I planned this trip 2 years ago, when I got bitten by a huge dose of wanderlust (typical gen-y hah), after just coming back from Australia. I really, really, at that time, needed and wanted a break so bad from Malaysia for just a little while. And to experience a city I’ve never been to before, and maybe starting off on my own. But I knew I had to save a lot of money. Thus, this took 2 years for me.¬†Bonus, I decided to take up a short course too because why not. I’m not even sure what to expect from the course. All I know is that its something that sounds interesting, and it’ll be in English. It might be bad, it might be horrible, it might be great, and it might be just ok. I guess, I’ll have to wait and see how the next 4 weeks go. Good or bad, I’ll have a story to tell on my blog.

What makes things a little bit harder is that I’m not the same person I was 2 years ago. I’m married, and very, very attached. Going off on my own without him was so hard for me. I’m even feeling home sick already because of that! But he’s arriving in 2 weeks, and on my birthday! AND it’ll be raya! Best birthday present and first day of raya ever. What will make things easier is I’ll be seeing a very special friend in 2 days, and she’ll be keeping me company till my husband arrives. Which is awesome.

So yes. TLDR; I’m jet lagged (MY BODY IS TIRED BUT THE SUN IS UP SO MUCH AND ITS CONFUSED), tired, sleepy, surreal, unreal, nervous, over-whelmed, home-sick, WHAT HAVE I DONE, excited, scared as shit and happy all at the same time. Its enough to give me anxiety. Blogging releases¬†most of the anxiety.

Until Krystle arrives, it’s just me and you, LSP.

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I’m pretty sure when I wake up and re-read this post, I’ll be mad at myself for just word vomiting.

x larxy