If anyone told me 3 years ago that someday, I’ll be getting married, I would tell you to shut your whore mouth. I kid, but I still wouldn’t have believed it.

I got married a few weeks ago, on the 13th of June, Saturday at 8:30pm. We planned everything literally within a month from proposal. A lot of people have called us crazy for planning on such a short timeline (apparently, a wedding needs like 3 months or so to plan usually? Who knew. I didn’t. Pfft.). But well, we did it! Without a scratch even.

My wedding was to take place at my grand uncle on my dad’s side, Uncle John’s place in Putrajaya; traditionally, weddings take place at a house on the girl’s side, but you can opt for mosques or in some cases, hotel banquet halls (I didn’t know people do dis for even engagements too. Whatever floats your tits I guess.). It was also the only house big enough to host 150 people. I didn’t want to do it at the mosque because I wanted it to be intimate (and so famryyy).

Bonus for Shangri-La being so near, so it was my base of operations with my friends and family on mom’s side, and my honeymoon getaway weekend! Thanks to my maid of honor’s mom, I got a huge ass suite for a fraction of the price with a complimentary 60-min spa for both my husband and I! And the pool is amazing. And I’m digressing.

On the day itself, my ladies and my bromaids got ready in my suite. My suite was the ‘NO STRESS ZONE’. Everyone was chilling, even me. I didn’t feel nervous at all. Heck, I don’t think it hit me till later that HEY DUDE, YOU’RE FUCKING GETTING MARRIED. Nope. Not at all. I was all like;DSC_9871#winning #nostress #blessed #totes #wegotthis

My bromaids had to do errands; one had to pick up one of my girls, Salwa, and another had to pick up my awesome brownies from the awesome Sarah and deliver them to my stepmom waiting at my uncle’s place. Then everyone got ready at the suite, helped with last minute hantaran stuff and some had a lesson in sampin wearing. All in all, it was a fun group to be around and I’m so happy to have them. Here’s some photos of us getting our shit together, and as usual, photos were taken by my gurrrl, Raisa.DSC_9879HOW U DO DIS PART 1.
This is my bff Tan trying to figure out buttons on a baju melayu. The girl next to him is my bff Casey and the guy next to Tan is her boyfriend in my husband’s old baju melayu, Sam.DSC_9918HOW U DO DIS PART 2.
Natasha being very helpful and teaching Tan how to wear a sampin.DSC_9875#teambrideDSC_9878This is Pearl. Her job is to make my face pretty. <3DSC_9900DSC_9891DSC_9913DSC_9919DSC_9938
Grandma and I :) DSC_9883
Doctor off duty. This cray friend of mine, didn’t tell me she was coming and I thought she was still in Kuching saving lives. And then, I suddenly got a call from her, BITCH OPEN YOUR DOOR, and then I was all like, WOAH OMG ITS YOU. And then I screamed, and everything was perfect cause everyone I legit care about was really there for my wedding and life is good.

#hantaran #ballers #yistheorangethereDSC_9904DSC_9912DSC_9901DSC_9928DSC_9932My bromaids: Joe and TanDSC_9941My awesome group of bridesmaids: L-R: Salwa, Ezlina, Mel, Balqis, Natasha, Casey, Dorothy, Dila
And then it was time to move over to the house, where we’re only hours away to the big event! I’m so proud of my team. No one dropped any of the hantaran stuff on the way from the hotel to the house. Good job guys!

DSC_9972While I was getting ready, Balqis was getting the cake ready.

Annnddd, I’ll continue the rest of the update in the next post. So many photos to go thru, so little time. But TLDR; EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME. To my awesome friends, thank you for making me laugh and making the first half of the day so, so, so much fun. I love you all!

I’ll end this post with this photo Raisa curling my eyelashes. #muchlady #suchgrace #wow DSC_9991

x larxy