I know in my previous post, I had promised myself I would stick to my writing schedule, but alas, tragedy struck. Last week, my beloved iguana, Quinto, passed away. And it broke my heart.

I know to anyone who doesn’t know me, I sound like a crazy person, mourning a green reptile. But then again, if you think that, you probably are a person who has never loved and lost a pet. To anyone who has, however, lost a pet, I’m sure you’ll know how I feel. And its horrible.

Quinto was not just a pet. None of my past pets were ever just pets. They’re family. He was family, and for a long time, he was my best friend. I remember choosing him in a pet shop on my birthday. Or he chose me. I was supposed to get another female iguana (I had read somewhere that they’re easier than males), but she jumped away from me, and Quinto then jumped on my shoulder. It was love¬†at first sight. For me anyway.

I named him Quinto after Zachary Quinto, an actor I’m highly fond off (and Franco, snake, who came under my wing a few months later, was named after James Franco).


Quinto and I didn’t take long to bond. He would sit for hours on my shoulder, and occasionally, my head, while we watch cartoons. He did that too when he got too big. Which was why I sometimes go to work with scratches all over my arms. As he got older, he got very naughty, and very spoiled. He wouldn’t eat his food if its only greens. He has to have some sort of fruit in the bowl, or else he would just refuse to eat. Like a spoilt child.

I’ve taken care of a lot of animals over the years. Cats, birds, hamsters, dogs (more like dog-sitting), horses (at the stables I used to take riding classes back in UK) and fishes. Franco (ball python) and Quinto were my first reptiles, and while Franco was the easiest pet by far (who knew ball pythons¬†are the easiest pets?), Quinto was one of the hardest. Iguanas are not easy pets, especially if they’re male. But after many bonding sessions, its really worth it. Quinto was an amazing animal, and very loving. My dad and my stepmom even bonded with him too. Needless to say, all 3 of us were very sad that he’s not with us anymore. I think my dad said my stepmom even cried in her office. That’s how much Quinto was loved.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.45.33 PM

Every one who knew me long enough knew how much Quinto meant to me. I tell everyone stories about him and Franco. They never liked each other much though. Well, Quinto never liked him. Franco tends to get scared at everything else thats not me or my dad.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.46.00 PM

The day he passed, my parents and my closest friends sent me loving messages, and even checked¬†up on me¬†to see if I’m ok; like what people do when a¬†family member just died. And I appreciated that immensely. I appreciate my husband especially. He helped me¬†put Quinto in a big box, with a bow, and together, we laid him to rest on top of a hill with a view. Just like he would’ve liked. I honestly don’t know what happened, and I guess I’ll never know. He just didn’t wake up one day. But I just want to remember the amazing 7 years I had with him, and all the fun times we had. Who’s gonna eat the crust on my bread now? (Yes, I’m not a fan of the outer layer of a bread, and no, I’m not 5.)

Thank you, Quinto. You died on the same day Alan Rickman died too. That means you’re as awesome as he is. I hope you meet Alan Rickman in heaven, and he feeds you your favourite fruits, while you guys listen to David Bowie and¬†Lemmy Kilmister singing a really awesome duet.

2016 sure is starting out very rough for me. But I’m not going to let this pull me down. You, Quinto, wouldn’t want me to be down either.There’s a Quinto shaped hole in my heart now.¬†I’ll miss your kisses.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.45.23 PM

This post was not easy to write. I had initially wanted to write more, but my eyes got too watery, and its making my vision very blurry, so I can’t type properly or make coherent sentences. Perhaps, when I’m ready, I’ll write a story based on Quinto. Or draw a comic. When I’m ready.

RIP Quinto; 2009-2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.45.47 PM

If ever in the future, I do decide to take in another iguana, maybe I’ll name him Quinto 2. Like The Simpsons and their cat, Snowball, and later Snowball 2. Just a geeky thought to close this otherwise sad post.

x larxy