I have officially failed in keeping up with my weekly writing schedule. Oh, what will I do with myself. February sure passed by in a flash. I felt like I was constantly traveling in and out of the city, that I didn’t even realise, by the time I was back from Bangkok, it was March! March! Where the fuck did February go?!

So, here I am, trying to push all the back-log out the door. First up, my favourites of the month of February!

IMG_0111I’ve been traveling from KL  to Johor to Singapore and, yet again, Bangkok, for the last few weeks. So my laptop has been sitting at home, collecting dust. One of the times I went to Singapore, my friend introduced me to this magic mask:

1) My Beauty Diary: Black Pearl Mask

I’ve been using this shit religiously. And its running out pretty fast. Its available in Singapore and Bangkok! If you happen to drop by any of the two, pick one of these up. Its perfect if you’re like me, and you love feeling oh so shinny after a long, dust filled day. I especially use this post shoots. Make me feel clean again. And my face is noticeably less dry. Which is awesome!

2) Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

I was a lazy(/er) person back in the day, and I never used to know anything passed cleanser and moisturiser. Serves me right, cause over the years my skin feels dry and just gross. But after much research, and with the guidance of the internet, I’m now a changed person. And this is the first serum I’ve used, and probably will be using for quite some time. Its an amazing product, that I think should work for all skin types. If you’re new to serum, and don’t want to break the bank, pick this one up! Also, I’m very pro Innisfree. Their products are the best, and it doesn’t break the bank.

IMG_01103) LYN Maroon nano bag

For months I’ve been coveting the MCM Milla, specifically this one. But alas, I couldn’t bring myself to spend so much on a bag that cost as much if I was to go to Seoul for a week. Then while walking around KLCC one day, I happen to see this bag out in the Lyn store. It looks 80% like the Milla, and cost way less. I obviously got it, and now I feel like I want the rest. It comes in Nude, Maroon, and Black, and in 2 sizes, nano and big. Mine is the nano. Its perfect, really.

IMG_01124) Mac Cremeblend Blush in Brit Wit

Blushes aren’t my favourite thing. But I use it daily, because it makes me look more alive and not dead like my soul. Bought this from my last trip to JPO in Johor, and I’ve been using it every fucking day. Its love. And in JPO, it was cheaper. So all the more reasons to love.

5) Missha Magic Cushion Special Edition Wonder Woman

To be completely honest, I bought this because my forever girl in DC, Diana, is on the case. Doesn’t she look majestic af?! The product is pretty awesome too. Although, it is a bit too light for me. So I use it to brighten my under eyes. And I carry this with me most of the time, because fuck, its Wonder Woman. BTW – I’m not cool with Gal Gadot playing Diana. That is all.

6) Dior Lip Maximizer

Having dry lips are a pain. This solves my dry lips problem 100%. Like no lip balm works on me. THIS is the shit right here.

7) Loki Helmet Keychain

Randomly bought this at a mall while I was in Johor. Its not practical at all, and gets caught in every single thing, and every single thing gets caught in it. But fuck, its an awesome ass keychain, so there’s that. Waiting for find the perfect bag for me to attach it on forever.

IMG_01098) Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth – PS4 & PSVita

THIS GAME IS EVERYTHING. Now, let me tell you, I was obsessed with Digimon when I was younger. Digimon Adventure 01 and 02 was my life. Taichi Kamiya + Agumon and Ken Ichijouji + Wormmon were my baes. This game brought back so much nostalgia, and its really a great RPG. Its not kiddy – no, it got dark pretty fast – and its not easy at all. Getting your desired Digimon requires a lot of thinking ahead and hard work, but man, it pays off. I’ve been playing and grinding nonstop. Part of the reason why there was no blog posts in February was because of this! I bought the PS4 version first, but then I was going to be in Bangkok for nearly a week, and I was hyperventilating at the thought of not being able to play… so I bought the Vita version too. Yep. There went my hard earned production cash. But it was fucking worth every penny. I’m on the last chapter, so I’ll do a blog post about the entire game pretty soon! But if you’re on the fence about getting it; FUCKING GET IT. Story is ace, characters are ace, Digimon are freaking awesome. Whats not to love.

x larxy