Spent the whole of my Saturday trying to get this blog up and running. Not fully there yet, but almost. I feel like I have a giant headache from trying to get everything just the way I want it to.

P1040235P1040151Introductions aren’t my strong suit. In fact, I think it’s my weakness. How do you properly introduce yourself without sounding like a total ass hat? I really need to work on that. This is me trying.

Anyway, yes. This is my gazillion-th attempt at blogging. My longest running one was my very embarrassing livejournal, filled to the brim with teen angst and my horrific attempt at graphic design. I was 12-ish when I learned how to make my own site (remember Geocities, guys?), and 16 when I sorta got the hang of photoshop (God bless CS2). What happened after was combining the two ability and creating blog skins, which was ugly as fuck. I was a teenager, and I thought everything I did was cool and anyone who didn’t think it was cool just didn’t get me (hah).


These days, I don’t have that same blinded teenage confidence I used to have. I’d like to think I’ve became humbled, less arrogant. This blog feels like I’m gathering what I’ve learnt so far, and building myself from the ground up. I dare say, I’m branding myself. Even made my CI!

This is where I’ll post my videos, my drawings, my boards, and my attempt at being a legit blogger/vlogger. This is the platform in which I will do stuff. Hopefully, good stuff.

Stick around and watch this space. Many exciting things are (hopefully) coming! Till then, there’s still work to be done on this site (and then some).


x larxy