The Wedding Photoshoot

Dec 16th, 2015 Personal, Photos

Taking a break from talking about Europe for a moment; and yes, I’m aware I have yet to update on Part 2 of me getting married (Part 1 here). I’ll get to that sometime before 2016 I hope yeah right. Heh. #procrastination. I’ve stopped my career as a professional ‘Tai Tai‘ (see: lady of leisure), and I’ve been freelancing as an assistant director since. Tai Tai life was……


I Got Married – Part 1: Getting Ready

Jun 26th, 2015 Personal, Photos

If anyone told me 3 years ago that someday, I’ll be getting married, I would tell you to shut your whore mouth. I kid, but I still wouldn’t have believed it. I got married a few weeks ago, on the 13th of June, Saturday at 8:30pm. We planned everything literally within a month from proposal. A lot of people have called us crazy for planning on such…


The Questing Bachelorette

Jun 8th, 2015 Personal, Photos

2 weekends ago, my friends and I gathered for my hen night – the ‘last wild night’, the last hoorah, the bachelorette party, and whatever else you can call it. I had no clue what I was in for. None. I thought it’ll be a dinner thing, and chilling in our hotel. Well, I was wrong. Instead, I went… on a quest! My sneaky group…


The Day I Got Engaged

Jun 1st, 2015 Personal, Photos

A month ago, to my surprise, I was proposed to. My then boyfriend, now fiancé (I’ll never get used to calling him this) popped the question, and I (obviously) said yes! And that was the easy part. We went into this not knowing heads or tails about the processes involved when one wants to tie the knot; first there’s the things you need to do…

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Adieu, Mr. Burnett

May 26th, 2015 Personal, Photos, Production Life

After 2 and a half years, with a heavy heart, I said goodbye to Leo Burnett. Being a producer at Leo Burnett was my first, proper job fresh out of finishing my degree. Initially, I was hired under brand management, but soon found it not to be my cup of tea. Opportunity came in the form of a curious MD, and a department in need…

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Apr 14th, 2015 Animals, Photos

As I’m typing this, I am wincing in pain as my iguana climbs on my back, to my shoulder, to get to the top of my head. The top of my head is his favourite spot since he was a few months old. What he doesn’t realise is, he’s no longer a few months old. He’s now coming to 7 years old! He’s too heavy and…


Drive-In Saturday

Apr 13th, 2015 Introductions, Photos

Spent the whole of my Saturday trying to get this blog up and running. Not fully there yet, but almost. I feel like I have a giant headache from trying to get everything just the way I want it to. Introductions aren’t my strong suit. In fact, I think it’s my weakness. How do you properly introduce yourself without sounding like a total ass hat? I really…