I’m typing this en route to Munich from Prague via a super awesome train with wi-fi. Yep, I’m no longer in Berlin. Heck, I’m no longer in Prague even. The last time I updated my blog was my 1st week in Berlin. Yes, I’m horribly behind. And yes, I haven’t even wrote the part 2 to ‘I Got Married’.

I’m just going to blame my short film course for taking up most of my time and energy and that’d be it. Also, partially Krystle’s fault for distracting me all the time. beeetch. Yep.

So this is Krystle:
She and I met during my stint in Leo Burnett 2 years ago, and funny enough, our first conversation had to do with Europe. Who would’ve thought, a whole 2 years later, we would be in Europe together. #friendships

She went on her own Euro trip 2 months prior to me starting mine. Thus, she wasn’t around for my wedding ceremony. But hey, the universe aligned, and I spent most of my time in Berlin with her instead of being alone till the husband arrives. Which I think would’ve gotten pretty boring for me pretty fast.

Plus, with our powers combined, we figured out the washing machine that was in 100% German in my flat! I know how to do laundry! In German! She’s also the reason I can now sorta cook! And they’re edible food! Yay! I leveled up!

We made pasta dinners and food from home when we feel a wee homesick and sick and tired of the fact that chili is pretty much non-existent in this part of the world. We spent most of our time wandering around the streets of Berlin; mostly in Kollwitzstraße, Alexanderplatz, Rosenthaler Platz, and Hackescher Makt. She usually spent her days doing the museums and the iconic places of Berlin while I was away at school (which deserves its own post). We would go out and wander around after my class, and gossip about people back home (majority of the time), look through bookstores and record stores, talk about her adventures thus far, wonder if Berliners really can’t tell the difference between all us different Asians, and wonder where we should go next in the world. And we would also complain about how some people don’t understand our excitement over books and how they should never be left behind if our bags gets too heavy (monster! You know who you are.).

Some photos we took on our adventures; Sad to say, we didn’t take much. We were having too much fun. :)  Thank you, Krystle, for making my days in Berlin sparkle… like crystal (??). Till our next trip (soon)! #totesamaze #teamtotes

PS; I hope your Euro trip has helped you get over your irrational fear of cats; the Gods of the Internet. 

x larxy