Finally getting my ass back to writing about my European Honeymoon Adventure! And to my favourite place in the entire trip: Salzburg & St Wolfgang, Austria!

We didn’t get to spend a night in this beautiful place due to budget constraints, but getting to Salzburg from Munich is just a short bus ride. Think of it as going from KL to Melaka. To save time and cost, we randomly, and very last minute, decided to join a day tour group. Those tours can be booked either at any Munich train stations or online. The small tour group takes you on a short trip to the city, and then over to St. Wolfgang. It wasn’t in our itinerary to go to St. Wolfgang initially, but the tour comes with it, so why not. Which I ended up not regretting a darn bit.

Anyway, Salzburg is obviously famous for the most amazing musical film ever – The Sound of Music. And yes, I can say that the hill is very, very alive. Its also home to a rock legend, Mozart! So, being a touristy place that it is, there’s pretty much Mozart anything. The Mozart chocolates by Cafe-Konditorei FĂĽrst is my favourite. They’re the balls in silver and blue packaging. I wish they had this everywhere else.

I won’t bore anyone with random facts you can find on wikipedia, so onwards to the photos! BTW – we were here during August. August = HOT AF.

Almost every city we went has its own love lock bridge.Mozart’s house!Mozart statue!Mozart… cane?Mozart chocolates. Which is the bombdiggity!How to properly enjoy chocolates on a hot day. Let them melt, find a shady road side, sit, and enjoy. Please excuse my dirty sandals.Everything in Salzburg is pretty. Even the buildings are prettier than me. :(

After walking around for a few hours, we head back to the bus to head to St. Wolfgang, which is just a short bus ride away.

IMG_3123 IMG_3124Have I mentioned that I absolutely love the European countryside? Because I do. I always get the window seat on any trip so I can bask in its beautiful scenery, and in the case of the weather in August, get totally sunburnt.

P1080778Seriously though, have you seen anything more beautiful, more post card like than this? And this was taken from my iPhone without any editing! If you google search St Wolfgang, and go to the images, all of the images don’t do any justice. Standing on top of this hill that overlooks the lake just blows your mind. And if you listen closely, you can almost hear a young Dame Julie Andrews singing. Or that could be the sun baking my brains. Either way.

P1080791IMG_3198There’s a boat that goes around the lake that you should definitely get your ass on. The view, the breeze is just amazing. Also, yes sun. After this trip, you’ll see us getting darker. The heat is enough to rival back home.. Which makes jumping into the lake all the more inviting.

Next time I come back, which I will damn it, I’ll bring along my swimsuit, a lot more sunblock, and an inflatable donut. Ugh. St. Wolfgang is the perfect summer, weekend trip to just relax by the lake (or in). There’s plenty of small hotels, restaurants and cafes (I laughed when I spotted an Asian restaurant. But yay! Rice!), as well as activities to keep you occupied. Yes, I’ll be back.

Next stop on our trip: The Kehlsteinhaus aka The Eagle’s Nest!

x larxy