Today, I can announce that ALL wedding related things are OVER. FINALLY. One of the reasons I haven’t been updating as of late is because of wedding reception things. Wedding things, let me tell you, are hard. By far the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. McDonald’s got nothing on weddings. It certainly was an adventure in itself, and while it did paid off and everything was grand with so much love, I’m glad that’s over. And I don’t ever want to go through that again.

My last post was in August! Holy moly, have I been procrastinating. Every time I attempt to blog, I’ll open my Euro Trip folder in my harddisc and just go NOPE NOPE NOPE. There are tons of unedited, unsorted pictures, videos and timelapses to go through, and there’s just not enough hours in a day for me to even attempt to do so. Until today, where finally, I sorta sorted it out, and have begun editing.

And now, I can finally start my post on the first city we stopped at on our European Honeymoon Adventure! The beautiful city of Prague.

Just to give an overview on what the husband and I did, here was our schedule for the whole trip:

Husband did this, obviously.

Husband did this, obviously.

This made it so easy to keep track on where we had to go and when. Traveling around was really tiring, and without this, we would’ve just forgotten where we’re supposed to be at and at what time and bla bla.

This trip was broken down to 2 parts: part 1 was Berlin where we spent a month in because of my awesome short course at MET, and part 2 where we spent a whole month just traveling. Anyone attempting this for the first time like we did should learn that Excel and trains are your best friend.

On the subject of trains, Rail Europe is your go to place to get your passes. And if you’re confused by the site as we were in the beginning, worry not! Head to Boustead Travel at Raja Chulan. The people there were really helpful and¬†explained everything to us¬†till we understood what we’re supposed to do.¬†You’ll get your physical tickets and pouch there. They’ll even tell you about the app that keeps track on the schedules and movements of the trains you want.¬†Very¬†convenient.

Side note: Always be there half an hour earlier.¬†The trains are really, really on time, especially if you’re traveling within Germany. Sometimes leaving on the time it says it’ll arrive. Don’t take the risk. They’re not like Malaysia where everything is late. They’re either on time or early.¬†If you reach there on time, you’re actually late.

Waiting at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof!

We started our journey early in the morning in Berlin, making our way to our first train! First thing we learned on the trip; if you have the option, always take first class car on the train, and book ahead the day before. Always. Because I cannot stand rowdy groups of teenagers on their summer holidays, who insist on talking loudly so everyone knows their plans and problems (I sound like a cranky old man). Really guys, who gives a flying fuck. Shut. Up. This was a mistake we didn’t repeat for the remainder of the trip. The extra you need to pay for first class isn’t that much, and varies between cities. It’ll cost you an extra ‚ā¨4-10. If your journey is more than 2 hours, do it. It’s worth it.
We stayed in Prague for a short 2 nights. I did wish we had more time, but alas, other cities awaits, and we’re on a tight schedule. We wasted no time in Prague, and went straight to exploring. Luckily for us, we stayed close to the city. First thing I did in Prague was to find something to eat thats covered in chocolate.Prague did not disappoint. Unfortunately for us, the weather during our stay was pretty gloomy. It didn’t pour, thank God, but the dark clouds comes and goes. But it didn’t take away the beauty of the city. And man, Prague sure is puurrrrttyyy.¬†Walking around in Prague Old Town, and crossing the famous Charles Bridge makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tale, and people might burst into song. And the swans! Everything is very pretty. WHO KNEW?!¬†Fun fact: BATA is from Czech! I knew they were European, but I did not know they were from Czech. And they’re not cheap. They’re also pretty. But even so, because of its image back in Malaysia, I wouldn’t spend what little Euros I have on their shoes. For those of you who don’t know, back in Malaysia, BATA is known as Buy and Throw Away. Because that’s the quality we get. Not the pretty ones in Prague.

Chocolates. Always.

Chocolates. Always.

While traveling, you’ll discover new things about yourself. Like in Prague, I learned that I hate segways. They’re an abomination. And what’s worst than that? Segway tours. Just the worst.

That guy at the back. The. Worst.

That guy at the back. You’re. The. Worst.

Our first day mainly consisted of us trying to see as much as we can of Prague’s Old Town, and its surroundings. Husband had actually been to Prague, but in winter. He¬†said it was a different sight than summer. During winter, the streets aren’t this full of people. Boy, was it full of people. But we persevered on, managed to dodge many a selfie sticks, and fucking segways. The St. Vitus Cathedral was a marvel, and the insides were just as gorgeous.

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral

Outside, along the castle walk, you’ll be treated to an amazing view of the city. You can even see a small tower that looked a bit like the Eiffel/Tokyo Tower.¬†
Saying goodbye to the over crowded Old Town, we took a train to VyŇ°ehrad, an old fort grounds facing the Vltava River.¬†It was way less crowded, very peaceful, and like everything else in Prague, so God damn pretty.¬† P1080268
I actually think this is my favourite place in Prague. Its quiet, and you can just sit back and relax and take in the sights of the city from the higher walk ways. There’s also a really good restaurant at their train station which was a bonus.


clicky to see the full size!

clicky to see the full size!

Ending our adventures in Prague, we made our way to the John Lennon wall. Yeah, who knew that was a thing? Its filled with colourful graffitis and people singing John Lennon’s classics. It was really trippy.
So ends our short stay in Prague. Sad. I would want to come back and explore the place more, outside of the busy Old Town. And eat more food. I felt that I didn’t eat enough of the local’s food. I don’t have a photo of any of the food I had because I just don’t take photos of food. If its on the table in front of my face, it’ll be in my belly within 10 minutes. But throughout my Euro trip, the food I had in Prague was one of my favourites. I’ll remember the duck dishes very, very fondly. And the¬†weird, but very delicious dumplings that don’t look a thing like Asian dumplings. If only I took photos of you so I can frame it up and put it on my table and cry when I crave you. :(


From here, we took a train back to Germany, to Munich!

x larxy