*cue Disney intro music* Neuschewanstein Castle –¬†one of the castles that inspired Disney to create his Magic Kingdom. Husband said I have to go see the castle for myself, since I’m such a die hard Disney fanatic. It was a sight to behold… after a long walk up a mountain, during SUMMER. We were sweating buckets by the time we got to the top, and I had to catch my breath once I reached the top. The climb up is no joke.

P1080945We could’ve gone on a horse drawn carriage but the line was crazy, so fuck that. Walking up it is!

IMG_3536The first view point I saw on my way up. Its really beautiful!

P1080943 P1080939The castle itself!¬†Its like walking around in a real life fairy tale. Of course, full of tourists as it is the summer. Its not actually that old. This castle was finished in 1886, which is recent as far as castles goes. King Ludwig II was a man who loved fairy tales and one day decided to build himself a fairy tale castle (I would totally do the same). Not many people were very happy about it (all that tax payer’s money went to a castle! Wouldn’t you be pissed too?). He died quite young, and was found near a lake.¬†His death will forever be a mystery. You could tell he was obsessed with the old medieval-fairy tale era, because the entire interior was decorated like it was from that time period. That’s why they called him the Fairy Tale King. TLDR version of the history of the castle.

We were not allowed to take photos during the tour inside the castle, but we did take photos on the castle’s balcony, overlooking the Alpsee and¬†Hohenschwangau Castle.

IMG_3554 IMG_3574Neuschwanstein Castle was build by King Ludwig II, while Hohenschwangau Castle was build by his father before him. Below is Hohenschwangau, which is nearer to the bus stop when you arrive, and Neuschwanstein is higher up. Way higher up. What is it with sons always needing to one up their fathers?


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