I’m going to be very frank now; I don’t like Munich. Berliners have warned me that Munich isn’t going to be fun, especially if you love Berlin in all its rough and artsy glory. Well, guess that’s true. Besides the Rathaus-Glockenspiel (below), there’s really not much else to do in Munich. Unless you love shopping. Shopping was pretty awesome. Huge H&Ms, Urban Outfitters, Douglas, Apple Stores, Zaras, and many other familiar brands lined the city centre.

Its super crowded near the Rathaus-Glockenspiel, especially when the dolls comes to life. Its nice to see, but the crowds just put me off. Thank goodness we stayed in Passing, and not in the city itself. I would’ve lost my mind. Passing is a very quiet, peaceful suburb, only a few train stops away from the city.

Munich is actually the city we stayed in the longest while we were traveling. It’s purpose is to be our home base for a week, while we travel out to Salzburg, Eagle’s Nest and Nuremberg. Trust me, that saved us a lot of money instead of moving around too much. Munich is very close by to the places we wanted to visit, so day trips via busses and trains made sense.

I don’t have a photo of the place we stayed, but our apartment in Passing was awesome. You can check the place out here. Its walkable to the train station, has a park nearby, and a nice neighbourhood mall. The host, Romano, digs Earth, Wind and Fire, so the apartment is filled with stuff he’s collected over the years. Pretty rad.

I was amused by the bike parking lot.

I was amused by the bike parking lot.

While in Munich, I suppose it would be pretty sinful to not visit anything related to BMW. We didn’t go to the museum though. Instead, we went to BMW Welt or World, which was free! And amazing!

IMG_3618IMG_3625 IMG_6854

I’m not a car enthusiast, but even I felt like I was in a giant playground. They have everything under the BMW family, from Minis to Rolls-Royce. You can test drive some of the cars (on appointment basis), or take a ride in some of their selected cars IN the Welt itself (there’s a schedule), buy merchandise, customise colours of cars on an interactive screen of your Mini, see the latest cars and bikes, new tech, and… yes. Take photos.


Oh, so thats how you selfie on a bike.

Did I mention the Welt’s architecture is amazing? Because it totally is.

Besides the BMW Welt, I don’t remember doing much else worth mentioning while we were in Munich. The food was meh (quite frankly, I’m not very fond of German food) and way more expensive than Berlin – actually, scratch that – everything is more expensive in Munich than in Berlin. Munich kinda feels like another city. Its convenient as a home base, BMW Welt was cool, and I guess the Rathaus-Glockenspiel was pretty but other than that – meh.

Onwards to our next destination: Salzburg & the very beautiful St. Wolfgang. Yes, the hills was very, very alive.

x larxy