Ah, Eagle’s Nest aka The Kehlsteinhaus. This was yet another trip we took on a whim during out stay in Munich. We didn’t know Munich would be that boring, so we ended up taking a lot of small trips out of the city. 4 out of the 7 days in Munich was spent outside of the city! If you’ve seen my previous post on Munich, you’d know I didn’t really like the place much. I do love that its really easy to take short day trips, and the Airbnb apartment we stayed in was lovely with an awesome host, so I really can’t complain.

Back to Eagle’s Nest.

Short history; Eagle’s Nest, which is what English speaking countries calls it, sits on the very top of a mountain near the town of Berchtesgaden (which we stopped by for an hour for drinks, but otherwise, there’s nothing much there). It was commissioned by Martin Bormann as a gift for Adolf Hitler. Its a getaway chalet of sorts for Hitler, but mostly used by members of the Third Reich. Mussolini even commissioned a fireplace for Hitler that still stands in the house. The house is now a restaurant, and serves as an entrance to the mountain top.

This is me, feeling a bit claustrophobic in the lift. Yes, lift.

You reach the top by taking a bus at the very bottom. The bus will lead you to an entrance to a lift that goes all the way up to the summit! I’ve never climbed a mountain with a lift before, or to be honest – never thought it possible. And yes, the lift has been around since the place was built back in 1937. I find this all very fascinating.

Note: There will be a long-ish que for the lift, and there’s only one, obviously. Expect to wait a few minutes. The lift itself is big, and surprisingly, fast. So, worry not if you’re like me, and are sort of afraid of lifts, its not a long ride. And the view you’re treated to is so well worth it.

Thats the house at the back, and the pathway that leads to more of the hill top. We didn’t spend much time in the house at all, cause its mostly an over priced restaurant and very crowded. But you can see Mussolini’s fireplace without dining in the restaurant.

We spent most of our time here sitting around the edge, eating our chips, and marveling at the view below us.

That’s Lake Königssee in the distance!

IMG_3250 IMG_3254
Literally every direction you turn, the view is amazing! And most of my photos here are taken by my iPhone 6+ camera, with no editing. None needed. Its just that beautiful.


Don’t let the thought of a mob of tourists and their selfie sticks deter you from coming here. While waiting for the bus and the lift can be a pain, but trust me, its worth it! The place is big enough for you to find your own little spot and bask in the glorious scenery.

Note: This place is closed for the winter, so plan your trip for summer! Even if the sun is unrelenting and will probably turn you several shades darker or, if you don’t wear sunblock, sun burn you. Head from Munich. You can easily find schedules of buses leaving the city to Eagle’s Nest from the main train station. Its only less than an hour away from the city and you’ll be back before dinner!

And really, how many mountains are there that you can climb using an amazing lift? :)

x larxy