So, I’m finally sorta not that jet lagged anymore. Thank God. For my first day out, I decided to try wearing makeup for a day and see if it last or will it just melt all over my face and I’ll look like a depressed asian clown. Today was a whopping 37°C! Here’s my face all ready for the heat;I’m no beauty blogger but if you’re wondering what’s on my face for the hot day, its;

foundation: Dior Nude Air –  powder: Benefit Hello! Flawless – eyeshadow: Tarte eyeshadow palette Sultry Sunset – eyeliner:  Masterliner from Maybeline – mascara: the Rocket Volum’ from Maybeline – lipstick: Revlon Sheer Plum

Obligatory mirror outfit photo:See those pieces of paper at the back of my phone? Those are the tickets on the public transportation here.
My agenda for the day was to explore my mom’s friend’s area, which was actually very easy to get to from where I stay; a few stops in the underground, a few stops on the tram and bam, I’m in Kollwitzstraße.

Its a really nice part of town, full of antique stores, bookshops, local and regional designer shops and boutiques, and nice restaurants and cafes. On Saturdays, they have a farmer’s market on the street that sells everything from fruits, to jewellery. My mom’s friends took me around, and one of the stops was a small garden party at a backyard of a florist. How cool is that?
Everyone pretty much knows everyone in this neighbourhood. I then followed them to go to a party nearby, and on the way day, I got to see what was the Berlin Wall. I’ll go back and explore it more when my friend, Krystle, gets her ass in Berlin. The party I followed them to was at The Factory, that was celebrating its anniversary. I wished my husband was around to go to with me because it would’ve been totally his scene. The Factory is this company in a huge building where budding start-ups and entrepreneurs all come together; its essentially a space where you can grow your idea, and meet the community. Pretty much the perfect party for my husband, who isn’t here yet. Boo. :( I feel like I’m quite socially awkward, and I don’t give off a very approachable vibe; thus, I tend to keep to myself. And strangers generally don’t randomly start talking to me and strike a conversation.

So, those scenes I see in movies where you can sit at a cafe and a warm stranger suddenly talks to you, or you’re at a party and some dude comes over, or even those scenes where a traveller is travelling solo and meets a local or another traveler? Yeah, those generally don’t happen to me. I know it happens to some people I know, but no not me. Trust me when I say, if I travel the whole of Europe alone, I would probably not meet or talk to another soul unless its for ordering food or buying stuff.

Luckily for me, I went to this party with people. So people led to me meeting more people which was kinda awesome. Still awkward conversations, but not that awkward, you know what I mean? No? Never mind. Point is; I talked to people who I don’t know! Yay!

And that was pretty much my day. I would’ve stayed out till late, but I was too damn tired, and sweaty that all I could think about was heading home and get in the shower. I left at about close to 10pm, and yes. the sun was still up.

I’ll end this post with a big YES, my makeup stayed put, which was a miracle.

ps: I know I still haven’t finished the ‘I Got Married – Part 2’ post. I’ll do that eventually.

x larxy