Continuing from my previous post on Berlin – part 1 is here. I’ve arrived safely in beautiful Cologne, and the area where I’m staying reminds me so much of Berlin; full of art galleries and cute vintage shops. Heaven!

There’s a part of Berlin that looks like a whole different city – Potsdamer Platz. This place looks sleek with its high rise buildings, luxury cars on the roads, big fashion brands, and very, very business looking people walking around. Completely different from the other side of the tracks. Its also the home to the huge Sony Centre, a building that’s a sight to behold and where you can watch English movies without them being dubbed over (because Brad Pitt speaking German, I cannot.).

The Mall of Berlin. One of their biggest malls. Got nothing on Asian malls. Pfft.

The Mall of Berlin. One of their biggest malls. Got nothing on Asian malls. Pfft.

Its also home to the Mall of Berlin. I think its the biggest mall in the city. If you’re from anywhere in Asia, this mall, and every other mall in Europe for that matter, will not impress you, so move along, and go back to the other side of the city.


If there ever was a place I would dare call a hipster mall, it would be Bikini Berlin. The shops and interior are interesting to say the least. Most of the shops are local designers and while they are pretty things to look at, its quite a pricey place to shop. But its nice looking around. The mall over looks the zoo, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a view into the baboon enclosure.

The restaurant on the roof top serve amazing tapas. And they also sell pretty cool, affordable furniture. If only I can bring them all home. :(

You can find good food everywhere in the city, and the types of cuisine to choose from is wide. I would show you pictures of the food I’ve eaten and restaurants I’ve gone to, but sadly, I’m usually too hungry to whip out my phone to snap a photo. By the time I do, there’s just an empty plate. You can check some of them in my previous post tho.

There are also plenty of fusion restaurants, like Bun Bao – a burger restaurant that does burgers with an asian twist, and replace the traditional burger bun with pao or bao. Oh, and a lot of asian food too. Some of these confuses me. One of the restaurants I went to, Han (near Rosenthaler Platz), serves Japanese Sushi, but you can also order Thai and Vietnamese dishes… for some reason. Maybe they’re trying to target a wider audience, just in case some people don’t like raw fish? Who knows. I just hope they know that Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes are completely different… And don’t really go together.

My mom’s friend’s area: Kollwitzplatz has a lot of good restaurants (Bun Bao is here). Two of my favourites are Berkis (Greek),  and Zum Dritten Man (Austrian). I actually don’t really like German food all that much. To be fair, I haven’t really tried that much of them, but this is mostly due to the fact that German food is mostly sausages (not a fan of em) and is made of pork. So if you ask me to recommend you places, there won’t be much German restaurants I can name. But I have heard that Currywurst is a must if you’re in Germany. Give that a go if sausages and pork are your thing! It goes without saying that if you like beer, the whole of Germany is heaven for you. There’s so many to choose from. They even have non-alcoholic beer. I’m not a beer person. I’ll stick to my Apfelschorle.

When you're at Hokey Pokey, order the Hokey Pokey.

When you’re at Hokey Pokey, order the Hokey Pokey.

I love desserts in Berlin. So many of them to choose from. I have a major sweet tooth. One of the things I love is Nutella crepe. Which is pretty much everywhere in the city, which is so awesome! For ice cream, my mom’s friend took us to Hokey Pokey over at Stargarder Str, and its just divine. If only I can bring back a giant tub with me. If you’ve read my previous posts on Berlin, you’ll know I love Cafe Olé, which is near where I stayed in Neukölln. I’ve tried a number of desserts with Nutella around the city, but nothing beats Cafe Ole’s giant, fluffy, super awesome pancakes. Nothing.

Perfection on a plate.

Perfection on a plate at Cafe Olé.

The city has all types of restaurants to suit everyone’s dietary needs; whether you’re allergic to nuts, or if you’re Muslim, vegetarian, vegan, etc. In fact, if you are vegan, or can’t stand gluten, like one of my best friends, Berlin is heaven. From restaurants to dedicated shops and markets, Berlin is very vegan friendly.

End note: If you’re into ice black coffee, like my husband, you’ll find that they don’t really do those things here. Heck, they’ll look at you like you just grew a second head. If you do asked them for ice black coffee, you’ll get black coffee with ice cream. So, if you need your ice black coffee, sadly, you’ll have to head over to the nearest Starbucks (there are like only 5 or so in the city), or ask them to give you a glass of ice cubes. Which my husband had to do majority of the time. Sad.

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